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Why Self-Inquiry Can Be Self-Destructive, Even With The Best Intent

Frequent self-inquiry and reflection can form a great starting point to make progress in any area of your life. But are you asking yourself the right questions? Regardless of what it is we seek to improve, we always start by identifying a current situation as less than optimal and then…

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It’s Never “Just” Sex – How To (Re-)Claim Your Sexual Power

Whether it’s in a casual or committed relationship, there’s nothing shameful about consensual sex but it sure can be “a shame.” To what extent are we aware, though, of our own sexual needs and desires? And do we act accordingly?I believe it’s never “just” sex. Let me start off by…

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Stop Judging Your Jealousy – The Antidote Is Closer Than You Think

Who did you last compare yourself with – and why? And do you ever feel jealous when you consider yourself to be the so-called underdog? Let’s inquire instead of judge. ‘Cause jealousy ain’t all bad when approached with a decent dose of curiosity, and maybe a pinch of humor. OK,…

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Allow Yourself A Happy New Year – Why My Only Resolution Is To Give Up Resistance

Anything you’d like to rid yourself of as the year is coming to an end? Maybe an unwanted circumstance in your life, a habit, a job or a relationship? Then today might be a good day to start allowing it first. Allow, in order to release. As much as we…


How I Fell In Love With Heartbreak And Why You Can Too

There aren’t many experiences that suck more than being heartbroken. But even heartbreak and loss aren’t all bad. In fact, they carry incredible opportunities to grow and love harder. Your mindset makes all the difference. No matter how sincere and good-hearted your friends are when telling you ‘he/she does not…


Every Hardship Is A Blessing In Disguise – If You Choose For It To Be

Ever wondered why some people seem to go through life with incredible ease and flow, while others seem to encounter nothing but struggle? Ever asked yourself the question ‘why does this always happen to me?’, or ‘why did this have to happen right now?’ – I know I have. But…

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