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The Power Of Being Content – Regardless Of Your Circumstances

Does contentment follow after certain conditions are met – or does (lack of) contentment lead to your conditions? Are we objects or subjects? I used to believe that our external circumstances were a given. That they formed an undeniable, unalterable reality entirely made up of facts that we can either…

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Your Feelings Are Not “Wrong” – How To Deal With Anxiety In Times Of Distress

Feelings can never be “wrong” in and of themselves. They are what they are and exactly what they’re supposed to be: feelings. But that doesn’t always make them pleasant. Anxiety, unrest, sadness, grievance, fear – most of us would probably rather do without. That’s why we tend to do the…

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Stop Waiting For Your Life To Begin (It’s Already Happening)

Life doesn’t wait for you to show up for it. No matter how happy or unhappy you are, how patient or impatient, how conscious or unconscious, it will continue with or without you. But that doesn’t leave you powerless. ‘Cause you can either undergo it all or act according to…

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Dancing Heals – How Kwenda Lima Imparts Dance As A Powerful Tool For Transformation

Sometimes when you dance, your heart skips a beat or two… You get lost in the music, carried away by your partner, and your movement together becomes like ice to water and water to gas. Fluid, transforming, and…

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Who’s In Charge Of Your Life? – How To Stop Acting On Autopilot And Start Living YOUR Values

“Psycho.” That’s what someone recently called me when I finally decided to voice my values and act on them. Clearly, they were not being met in this argument either but the offender had a point. I had been denying my morals and beliefs around him and was even letting myself…

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