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The Love Of The Forbidden Fruit (A Poem)

The ground left from under my feet,
the skies opened,
the stars came falling,
the sun shattered,
and the moon kissed the waves.

and nothing but the sound of music.

I was like water, you the flow,
like air, you the blow,
like fire, you the blaze,
a never-ending gaze,

but with our eyes closed.

For then,
I was like earth,
and you were grime.

Oh, phantom of mine,

love is not to vanish,
though sublime,

it’s to arrive, and to appear,
to be fully, and utterly here.

For love, my love, isn’t lusting,
love, my love, it is trusting.

Sofie Angevaare


  1. Elizabeth M Hennigan Elizabeth M Hennigan

    I really like this poem. If I could add a verse at the end – let me know what you think:

    For my love, my love & you’re fruit forbidden
    Please dare not confess but good friendship not hidden.

    We gave to each other a promise forever
    To n’er part again, no matter, no whether
    Why dost now you fly far away from being sighted?
    Are you ill? Are you scared? Unintentionally blighted?
    If there’s something I’ve done, please, my friend tell me true!
    Please do not judge ’til you gaze from my view.
    Perhaps now my love, my now love’s unrequited
    Regardless the way that your messages cited.
    Know my love, my love n’er shall be contingentitional.
    Requited or un — my love’s unconditional.
    No worries. Just answer me.

    • Sofie Angevaare Sofie Angevaare

      That’s beautiful, Elizabeth,
      Thanks a lot for sharing!

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