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Stop Waiting For Your Life To Begin (It’s Already Happening)

Life doesn’t wait for you to show up for it. No matter how happy or unhappy you are, how patient or impatient, how conscious or unconscious, it will continue with or without you. But that doesn’t leave you powerless. ‘Cause you can either undergo it all or act according to your (wildest) fantasy.

I used to have this fantasy…

I wanted my life to change and I wanted it to change drastically.

But there were so many things I was dissatisfied with and stressed out about, I didn’t even know where to start.

Was it my job? My profession? My love life?

Should I change my hobbies first? Or my relationships?

The discomfort was obvious but the root cause not so much.

So I fabricated this fantasy, in which I pictured myself going to bed at night, laying my head gently down to rest on my pillow, and as I’d be sound asleep, a giant hand would come and grab me.

Without effort and without me even noticing, that big hand would lift me up and put me down somewhere else – anywhere else – on this planet.

Then, as the morning came, it would wake me up and give me a tender, encouraging push under my butt. And then there I’d be…

Awake. Free. And ready to create a new life from scratch.

In my fantasy, I’d be catapulted out of all that was making up my current reality and I would land in some alternative place where I’d become something else;

all that I could be.

Fantasy and reality aren’t that far apart

Everyone has their own fantasies, dreams, wishes, and desires. Some born out of frustration, others born out of inspiration.

Some may dream of the “giant hand” to lay them down next to their perfect lover; some may want it to pick them up and put them in a better, more fulfilling career; others may like for it to put them in a different looking body, a different house or simply in a safer and more loving environment for them to flourish and live their lives.

But whatever you might wish your giant hand to do for you, I’d like to invite you today, to stop waiting for it to come and become that hand instead.

Because luckily, I didn’t continue fantasizing forever.

At some point, I was fed up enough to take myself by the hand instead and give myself the push I needed to move to someplace new and recreate my life.

And then I finally discovered there was one thing I did always have and that this one thing could either be working for me or against me.

One thing that could either focus on closed doors in front of me or on those that are wide open right next to it.

And that one thing, obviously, was me.

I didn’t have the means to travel when I wanted to, but I made it happen;

I didn’t have the partner to offer me safety and comfort when I most needed it, so I created it myself;

I didn’t have the guts to ask for more than I thought I deserved, so I changed my beliefs.

Fantasy, I realized, really isn’t that far from reality; the difference is only a small wake up call away.

What do you need for your life to begin?

Yesterday, I was on the phone with someone who asked me: “What do you need?”

And he wasn’t inquiring on a superficial level.

So I dove deep into my inner wishes and desires, my dreams, my aspirations, my goals, and my ambitions. And sure, I found some things I wanted but the question was: what do you need?

So when I couldn’t think of anything I really needed, I dove a little deeper.

And then a little deeper still…

It took me a few minutes to apprehend but then it hit me: for the first time in my life, I could answer in full honesty:

I need nothing.

And it was then that I knew my “giant hand” had done its job.

So what’s yours gonna do for you?

Life doesn't wait for you to show up for it. Quote
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