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Category: Self-awareness

Dancing Heals – How Kwenda Lima Imparts Dance As A Powerful Tool For Transformation

Sometimes when you dance, your heart skips a beat or two… You get lost in the music, carried away by your partner, and your movement together becomes like ice to water and water to gas. Fluid, transforming, and…


Who’s In Charge Of Your Life? – How To Stop Acting On Autopilot And Start Living YOUR Values

“Psycho.” That’s what someone recently called me when I finally decided to voice my values and act on them. Clearly, they were not being met in this argument either but the offender had a point. I had been denying my morals and beliefs around him and was even letting myself…

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Why Self-Inquiry Can Be Self-Destructive, Even With The Best Intend

Frequent self-inquiry and reflection can form a great starting point to make progress in any area of your life. But are you asking yourself the right questions? Regardless of what it is we seek to improve, we always start by identifying a current situation as less than optimal and then…

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