About Life Without Filter

Life Without Filter is a blog that aims to reveal the lens through which we experience life.

It is not easy to get to the core of what truly matters. What’s at the heart of it all – beyond the acquired emotional, psychological, and cultural filters we use to look at the world and ourselves?

With Life Without Filter, I explore what happens when we broaden the lens. I work through the fog of our own filters, with writings about personal, universal, and societal (opportunities for) growth and connection.

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The world we inhabit today can be as disheartening and discouraging as it can be beautiful, joyful, resilient and strong. Life is a beautiful dance. But somehow we’re not always able to see that clearly. Life Without Filter explores why and aspires to help you reconnect with your purest, most beautiful essence.

Although we can’t always choose our circumstances. we can always choose what to focus on. And that’s where I believe our power lies.

With the increasing amount of challenges we’re facing in our current fast-paced and largely individualistic society, I believe it’s more important than ever to learn to see past our own limiting filters. Like our judgments of what’s right and wrong. Because when we do, we remember that we’re all connected.

Only when we become aware of the filters we use to look at the world and the people (and other beings) in it, we can choose to let go of the ones that are not serving us.

By recognizing our filters, we can begin to discover the magic that’s within us all the time: our ability to shift perspective, interpret life through various lenses and become the ultimate deciders about the reality we most long to inhabit.

About me

Love yourself, dance with life.

Sofie Angevaare

My name is Sofie Angevaare. I am a free-spirited nomad, who was once born in the Netherlands but is currently spending most of her days in Southeast Asia.

As a content specialist and copywriter I offer people and their businesses the words they’re looking for to reach their goals.

I am a book lover, dancer, and personal growth enthusiast – among many other things, and I am passionate about mental and spiritual health.

I studied Communications and have held a master’s degree in Intercultural Communications since 2010, but I never stopped learning. Reading books, listening to podcasts, watching talks, following online courses or attending webinars, I love it all. Especially when it’s related to writing, love and relationships, psychology, spirituality, sociology and/or philosophy. (Tips are always welcome!)

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